Monday, January 14, 2013

2 Work Outs That Do More With Less

Today I want to give you a few easy steps to building a better you. The quality of the rest of your life literally depends on it.

It’s a fact that overweight men have lower testosterone levels and increase their chances of hypertension, heart attacks, strokes, and other fatal diseases and preventable ailments.

It’s also a fact that men who work out regularly live longer and stronger on average. Not to mention go faster and last longer in bed.

But what I bet you didn’t know is that men over the age of 60 actually need to work out more often than young men to prevent something called Sarcopenia, which is essentially the rapid loss of muscle mass due to age.

And women need to work out as well for many of the same reasons.

Most of you probably already walk regularly for heart health (and those of you who don’t should start) but what you may not know is that you can drastically reduce your chance of all sorts of terrible health issues by just taking a few minutes every couple days to stimulate your body with a good short workout.

And if you are like me and have a busy lifestyle and often don’t have the time or energy to do very much, there are some great methods of working out that focus on getting better results so that you can spend shorter amounts of time huffing and puffing.

So let go of fears of getting hurt. Move past the procrastination hindering your progress. And kick your reservations to the curb.

It’s time to stop putting it off and start working out again.

Here’s one way to improve results while spending less time in the Gym:

Workout One

20 minutes of high intensity exercise three times a week not only gives you incredible health and energy benefits, and builds muscle, improves how clear your mind is, how well you sleep, and basically just drastically improves every facet of your life, but in men it also increases the blood flow to your groin area improving your ability to last longer and have a more pleasurable experience (while stimulating healthy testosterone levels).  

And in ladies it improves circulation to your erogenous zones, allowing you to increase your chances of having multiple orgasms when with a partner who can get it up and keep it up long enough.

Here’s the workout. It couldn’t be shorter.

Just warm up for three minutes. Something simple. Walk, stretch, some jumping jacks, some jump rope, whatever you need.

Then pick an exercise and go hard for 30 seconds. As hard as you can. But only for thirty seconds.

Then spend the next 90 seconds recovering. Walk around, stretch, and breathe.

Before repeating the whole thing 7 more times.

At the end of it you’ve only actually worked out for 5 minutes and spent 15 minutes warming up and recovering.

Let me repeat. At the end of this amazing workout which will actually get you better results than a lot of much longer options, you have only actually had to put in 5 minutes of actually working out while spending the other 15 minutes warming up and recovering.

A pretty good ratio… and one anyone can do.

Workout Two

But if for some reason you are not feeling the high intensity exercise program listed above you can always use strength training to boost health and fitness.

Simply make a list of a few strength training exercises you like, then divide them up into body groups (like legs, arms, chest, etc.) and do one group every couple days.

When you do one group, instead of doing a bunch of reps at a lesser weight, do more weight for less reps.

For men this will create your own personal testosterone production factory in your body while building muscle mass. In women you will get a toned body much faster.

Just be careful (no matter what gender you are) to build up slowly until you are sure what you are capable of lifting properly, and always err on the side of caution.

And if you want to really give yourself a burst of production and muscle during the strength training, just slow down as much as you can until you can feel the burn from each rep. This allows your muscle to do the most it possibly with each movement.

So there you have it, two options to your standard work out that will give you more while taking up less of your time.

And whether or not you choose to do either of the methods above, just remember that working out in any manner helps you by:

Spurring male and female libido

Increasing testosterone levels  in men (even mild amounts help)

Ridding your body of excess weight by burning the fat that stores calories

Putting on the muscle mass that adds strength and eats calories

Increasing your heart health

Building your circulatory system health

Strengthening your immune system health

And building the physical stamina and cardio capabilities you need to increase how much physical 
exercise you can do in bed.

And we all know that the more you can do in the bedroom, the more you can get out your adventures in the bedroom.

So take your PHGH and work out regularly.

You’ll truly feel the difference. Your body will feel better. Your mind will be clearer. And everyone around you will notice the extra bounce in your step and gleam in your eye.

It’s worth every bit of effort.

And if you do it right, it’s less effort than you thought.

A win-win if ever I heard one.

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John Lawrence